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Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL)

Using standard GPS coordinates, the Intelligent NETworks® AVL module interfaces with off-the-shelf automatic vehicle location systems to display real-time information on the map.  Vehicle tracking for freeway service patrols or buses are examples of its use.  Key features include identification of next vehicle arrival times for bus and rail vehicles and the tracking of winter maintenance vehicles.

Dynamic Message Sign (DMS)

Using either standardized NTCIP or native vendor interfaces, the Intelligent NETworks® System DMS module communicates with both fixed and portable DMS signs of varying sizes to disseminate information to motorists.  In addition to the posting of messages, this module provides a scheduler allowing users to schedule messages and an AMBER Alert feature where users can easily send 1 message to all signs in the system.

Environmental Sensor System (ESS)

Using the Intelligent NETworks® ESS module, users can observe real-time weather conditions such as surface conditions, temperatures, wind speed and wind direction from roadside ESS stations or other weather monitoring systems.  Color-coded icons on the map quickly alert the user to potentially hazardous conditions.   This module is also capable of controlling and monitoring anti-icing systems.

Highway Advisory Radio (HAR)

Using native vendor interfaces, the Intelligent NETworks® HAR module communicates with HAR transmitters and beacons/Extinguishable Message Signs (EMS) to disseminate real-time traffic information to motorists.  Color-coded icons on the map display the locations, current status, and current message content of the HARs.

Intelligent Parking

The Intelligent NETworks® Parking module assists motorists in finding available parking.  Intelligent Parking can operate using a variety of data sources such as integration to an existing system, in/out counter system and individual bay monitoring using hardwired or wireless sensors.

Ramp Metering Systems (RMS)

The Intelligent NETworks® RMS module provides agencies the ability to reduce freeway recurring congestion and congestion related incidents.  In addition to the ability to manually control ramp meters, this module uses the SWARM and CARMA algorithms to evaluate real-time traffic at bottlenecks to automatically adjust upstream ramp metering rates to help reduce congestion.

Traffic Signal Systems (TSS)

The Intelligent NETworks® TSS module allows users to view detailed real-time traffic signal and intersection information.  This module also allows the users to upload and download configurations such as timing plans to the traffic signal controllers.


The Intelligent NETworks® Tunnel/SCADA module monitors and controls typical traffic management elements such as vehicle sensors, surveillance cameras, signs and signals to manage tunnel traffic.  It also interfaces with SCADA elements such as lighting systems, fire detection, fire suppression, flood controls, carbon monoxide emissions sensors and fan controls.

Vehicle Detection System (VDS)/Congestion Monitoring

Using a wide variety of different vehicle detection technologies, the Intelligent NETworks® VDS module allows users to view real-time roadway traffic conditions by analyzing traffic speeds, volumes and occupancy through the use of color-coded icons on the map.  Data normalization and failure management algorithms are applied to ensure the validity of the data.

Video/Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

The Intelligent NETworks® CCTV module offers an end-to-end solution for viewing, controlling and maintaining the cameras in the system.  All standard digital formats are supported and key features include camera control, camera presets, camera locking, user priority override, as well as video wall configuration and control.

Weigh-in-Motion (WIM)

The Intelligent NETworks® WIM module collects data from the WIM devices which are designed to capture and record truck axle weights and gross vehicle weights as trucks drive over vehicle sensors.  This module also has the capability to control message boards and CCTV cameras leading into and around the WIM location.

Winter Maintenance

The Intelligent NETworks® Winter Maintenance module collects real-time information on weather and roadway conditions to monitor and control winter maintenance vehicles in the field.  The data controller in winter maintenance vehicle receives information from the operator, spread controller and plow blade sensors and relays this information to the Intelligent NETworks® ATMS.  Forecasting and application recommendations are then provided to each individual winter maintenace vehicle.*

*Licensed under U.S. Patent Nos. 7,355,509 and 7,714,705