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Wetland design has positive impact on environment and urban development

Client: City of London
Project: Stoney Creek Erosion Control
Location: London, Ontario, Canada

Services Provided for this Project
  • environmental impact study
  • functional design
  • detailed design
  • continuous simulation hydrologic modeling
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André Proulx, Division VP
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London is a vibrant and expanding city in Southern Ontario—with a current population exceeding 350,000—surrounded by natural, recreational and agricultural lands. The Stoney Creek Erosion Control project focused on promoting development, while reclaiming the creek and compensating for the environmental loss of natural wetlands resulting from rapid urban development.

Delcan completed a Class Environmental Assessment Study for the Storm/Drainage and Stormwater Management Servicing Works for the Stoney Creek Undeveloped Lands. Recommendations included the remediation and enhancement of 1.1 miles (1.8 km) of existing stream and the creation of 9 acres (3.5 hectares) of erosion control wetlands. Phase One remediation consisted of realigning various lengths of the creek and reshaping the creek bed to stabilize the stream and enhance aquatic habitats. Phase Two addressed erosion control issues through the design of a wetland.

The positive environmental impact of the project was reflected in speedy approvals and enthusiastic support from provincial and municipal agencies alike. Phase One completion allowed the City to release 1,100 new lots for development in the Stoney Creek watershed basin, while 1,800 more were released at the completion of Phase Two.

Constructed within the existing floodplain of Stoney Creek, Delcan's design called for the wetland area to be divided into four distinct cells that would act as stormwater storage/management facilities with a capacity of not less than 19.5 acre-feet (24,000 m3). Unlike traditional stormwater management facilities, this green infrastructure would integrate closely with the surrounding natural environment and include aquatic, terrestrial, avian and plant habitats.

While avoiding any diversion of Stoney Creek, special design consideration was also given to controlling flows using natural materials, accommodating natural variability, blending designs to existing topography and incorporating a variety of vegetation to support diverse aquatic and bird species.

A "first of its kind" for Delcan, this project allowed the team to specialize as environmentally friendly consultants in a multidisciplinary effort that addressed water engineering concerns while enhancing community green space and supporting natural habitats and species.

“The City of London is impressed by Delcan’s ingenuity, creativity and commitment to high quality engineering work which is always provided in a timely manner,” said Berta B. Krichker M.Eng., F.E.C., P.Eng. Manager of Stormwater, Environmental Engineering, Services Department, City of London.

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